How early Plumbing Leak Detection can save you a ton of money 

How early Plumbing Leak Detection can save you a ton of money

We all know that leaks are a lot messier than they sound. It can damage a long list of items in your home including clothes, metal and especially wood making its actual cost a lot higher than just having your pipes repaired. 

That is the reason why finding your plumbing concerns early on can save you from property damages, loss of functionality, and a huge sum of repair costs. Slow and small leaks are not easy to see most of the time until it has already happened. Burst pipes, on the other hand, are so much easier to find as they leave your rooms flooded and create a really big mess. 

Both of these scenarios are really bad and would show you why early detection can save you a ton of headaches. Here are a few things to do to make sure that your plumbing is always in check:

Did your water bill increase?

More often than not, except if you have taken a crazy amount of time taking a
shower this month or an extreme price increase has happened, spikes in  yourwater bills can mean that you have leaks at home, even when you don’t see
Leaky faucets, pipes, toilets or even a faulty meter can definitely cause this extra cost. Like we said, these leaks are usually in hidden areas that you may not typically see, so just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean that they are
not there.
Affected or damaged pipes can usually be located under your front yard, hiding in a concrete floor or wall, or even in the corner of your basement. A burst pipe can instantly make ceilings become your new floor once the pressure and effect of water run its course against wood.

What to actually look for?

Wet spots on your ceilings, walls, or floors are the most common signs of water leaks. If you don’t know where they came from, chances are they are from your pipes buried in your home’s structure.

Strange noises and gurgling in faucets will also let you know that something is happening elsewhere. No, we are not talking about your neighbor’s yapping loudly that you can hear it from your home. We are talking about hissing or even bubbling sounds that seem to come out of nowhere. Also if you open your faucets and it sounds like it’s gurgling before water actually comes out, that’s another sign to watch out for.

You definitely know the usual water flow in your home. If it suddenly becomes slow for a couple of days already, then water should be going somewhere else than your faucets.

Faucets and Sinks

Faucets and Sinks are the biggest offenders of water leaks. When you inspect these two, make sure to always check your lines connected to it under your sink. While checking that area, make sure that the drain is not leaking. Wet areas
under sinks are strong indicators of a leak from the faucet or its drain.

These leaks can easily ruin wooden cabinets and floorboards, which can continue affecting your sub-flooring leading to structural damage.


Toilets usually account for 30% of water consumed in your home, plus a leak in here can definitely increase your water bill. One way to test leaks here is to add colored drops into the water, wait for a couple of minutes, and flush the toilet.

If the color leaks into the bows or elsewhere, then it means that the water is slowly dripping somewhere along the bowl, drain and the pipes.

Having a bi-annual plumbing inspection

Just like everything else, your pipes, faucets, toilets and everything else in between get damaged over time through use. It’s wise to hold a regular inspection to make sure that things are repaired / mended before they go out of hand.

Always make sure that only professionals do this check. Email us at to lessen your worries and save you a lot of
money in repairing it before it’s too late!


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