Telltale signs that it’s time to replace your water heater

Water heaters are some of the most forgotten items in a home – until it stops working and everyone’s concern is to have it fixed.

A water heater has become an essential in every home today. It should be kept in great condition so it can continue to work for as long as possible.

Today, we will be sharing with you some signs to watch out for to know when your water heater needs to have a bit more care than it used to. We’ll also let you know how these small issues can lead to replacement if not properly fixed on time.

How long do water heaters actually last?

To save you from being ripped by an unprofessional plumber, water heaters generally last for eight to twelve years – that is if it’s properly maintained. Water heaters do need regular maintenance to help it function for a longer time. By making sure that it is properly used and handled well, you will be able to maximize its life span. Keep in mind that there are a bunch of common issues that can also cause your water heaters to be replaced ahead of its time. The key here is to have it regularly checked for issues and fix them early on.

Water Leaks

The very first sign that something is wrong. As soon possible, make sure that you have it checked right away as this can compromise the
entire system of your heater. Water heaters easily get damaged and destroyed because of leaks. They are built to last long, but this can shorten its life span right away. If you notice this happening, call a professional right away or you may be facing replacement or even damage to other items in your home.

Rusty Water

Rusty water is also one of the more obvious signs that your water heater is acting up. If it’s not coming from your water source, then maybe it’s time to have the heater checked up and see if it needs fixing. 

Rust is a sign that your tank is now corroding and later on, the entire system will fail. It’s not only a big headache because you’ll be out of hot water, but also poses health threats to you and your family. Rusty water contains very harmful toxins. 

So do not wait too long and learn to prioritize this early sign before it becomes too costly to fix.



Most water heaters are silent while they are working so if you start to hear noises coming from it, then it’s time to have it checked.

There are a few reasons why your heater is acting up, but one common issue is sediment build-up. This usually causes the heaters to create noises, lessen its efficiency and sometimes — total malfunction. 

Because the minerals in the water can integrate in the bottom of your tank, over time it creates a hard crust. Then when you start using the heater, this crust breaks into tiny pieces and hit the sides of your tank causing it to produce noise. Later on, this can also lead to corrosion and leaks.

It is essential to have it only checked by professionals to ensure that the best option will be applied.

Replacing or fixing your water heaters can be a headache for a lot of us, but every drop of sacrifice of inconvenience is worth it. 

If you are seeing these signs in your water heaters and have been observing these changes for quite awhile now, then it may be too late for a repair. 

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